Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Final Project DONE!

Alright, it took almost a year. But it's finally done. What is it i'm talking about? Well, my final project in animation. Titled Project U92. I'm mostly involved in the post-production part of this production. Here you go. Hope you enjoy:

Project U92, is a secret administration contract to study the lone survivor of the previous nuclear war. The subject instead of being destroyed in the nuclear blast, was positioned perfectly in the eye of the blast vector, through some miracle managed to fuse his DNA with the uranium actinide. Upon detonation, emerged a new life form, that lives, breathes and regenerates uranium cells, creating an unending source of energy. But the president of the warring faction wasn't going let it go to waste, it is captured and being experiment on to uncover new ways to harness it's perpetual energy. This is a story about a power hungry tyrant, a desperate experiment and a tired old war veteran that is sick of them both.

We hope you'll enjoy the ride!

Spannar Productions :
This animation is produced by a team of 5 students, of The One Academy
Communication and Design Malaysia. As our final project in our Diploma in Digital Animation course. The time taken to complete this task was roughly a year from
preproduction to post production.

Voice Cast :

Scott Stoked as Denver J. Wilson
Chris Guerrero as President Frederick L. Jones
Odell Atkinson as U92, Actinide Monster
Dark Wolf as The Military and Scientists
Helen Quigley as Female Computer Voice

Production Crew :

Calvin Chong Ho Aun [Director]
chonghuan182 (at)

Tan Wen San [Executive Producer]
tanwensan.spannar (at)

Shaun Yow Ken Jie [Art Director]
yowkenjie (at)

Muhd. Amir bin Sha'azza [Lead Animator]
muhd.amir89 (at)

Vincent Lim Jan Chian [Editor & Composer]
vincentlim.spannar (at)

PreProduction Sites :

Audio Effects and Background Sound Tracks used are properties of their respective owners, as mentioned in the credits. We do not claim to the fore mentioned belongs to us in any way. We do not profit from this animation, it is for our educational purpose only.

All Visual Media seen above are copyrighted to Spannar Productions Team of The One Academy Malaysia, all rights reserved.

Thanks for watching !

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