Saturday, December 25, 2010


25th December,

Its the season to be jolly....ho ho ho.... MERRY CHRISTMAS! How is everyone's Christmas day going so far? Hope y'all got lotsa presents, lotsa love, lotsa cookies and lotsa hugs. Well for me, i got lotsa love and lotsa hugs ^^. Presents and cookies are just optional. Getting to spend time with important people in your life is the best gift yet. Got to spend time with my best friends yesterday from dinner all the way to midnight (Christmas). Sorry to my baby who sacrificed her family dinner to follow me. Really appreciate what you did for me and I LOVE YOU dear.

So today, its Christmas day. What's my plans? Hmmmm....... I don't know.... HAHAHAHAHA..... Just gonna spend the rest of the remaining Christmas hours with my dear I guess. I won't ask for anything more. Maybe go out later for dinner.....(darn it, out of cash)... have to visit Mr ATM i guess.

But yea, I guess that's how i'm celebrating my Christmas this year. Hope y'all have a great 1 too. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Night Out on Christmas Eve

24th December

ITS CHRISTMAS EVE! Got a last minute call from my best friend yesterday that there'll be a gathering dinner today on Christmas Eve. Said we'll go to Bangsar. At 1st I thought it'll be ok as there was nothing planned for that time. Then dear told me, apparently she's got family dinner. I thought it was on Christmas day itself but she confirmed with her mum that it'll be on the eve.

Was planning to go to her family dinner 1st then join my friends over at Bangsar. Had to see then cause one of them will be flying to Japan on the next day. When dear knew about that, she decided to sacrifice her dinner for me to meet up with my friend. Thanks dear, love you much.

So, cut the long story short. Reach Bangsar at around 8-ish. Went over to Delicious to join my best friends. Kathryn and Aaron (her boyfriend) was already there. Sat down and waited for the rest. In a few minute came Kah Fai, Munnie and Michelle. Ok, time to place some orders. And dine away.





Kah Fai

Watermelon and Lychee Blast

Frosty Lychee Tea

Frosty Lemon Tea

English Fish & Chips

Vegetarian Pie


More Salad

Smoked Salmon Angelhair

Love the lighting...

Black Forest

Chocholate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

After dinner, went over to Alexis to chill till Christmas. I didn't order anything here. Kinda blew my budget at Delicious so yea. But we all chit chat and time past. Before we know it, it was CHRISTMAS! And so Christmas wishes to one another before we all left for home.


Friday, December 24, 2010

A Moment To Remember

14th December

main venue

main VVIP

Definitely a moment to remember. Today marks the day of my 4th Month-sary with my baby dear. I got to say, 4 months may not be long to many of you out there, but 4 months for me is long due to some issues I had to face along the way too. And I'm glad I'm here today right now and the both of us are still going forward and like a cyclone (it means strong).

So, asked my girl out on a date. I made her clear her schedule for the day 2 weeks before. Cause, I planned to bring her to Swensen's. But before that, we had to teach art class in the afternoon. So, right after class, went over to Mid Valley. Was still full from lunch so we went around walking for a bit before we head for the main course of the day. Bought movie tickets and stuff.

When our legs were a lil bit tired, it was time for Swensen's. Ok, whats so special? Well, its the Earthquake of course. Promised my girl I'd bring her here to eat that. Whats the Earthquake? Its an 8-scoop ice-cream in a bowl with 8-different topping. Yea BABY! EARTHQUAKE FTW!

And the highlights of Swensen's :

presenting EARTHQUAKE


me with VVIP of the day

more camwhore =D

so happy eating her ice cream

don't know why she did that to me

love your smile


whats left of it

^^ love you

Ok, after Swensen's, we went around walking a bit cause it was not time for our movie yet. Saw lotsa christmas deco all over the place. Took some pictures of course.

center court Mid Valley

dear posing with the deco

@Elianto booth

don't you wish you had 1?

the body shop

photo session with santa and lovely santarinas

towering christmas trees

big play cubes @.@

oh yes please let it snow

closer look on the photo session

round and round


After all that, we went back up to the cinema. What movie we were gonna watch? Well, Rapunzel of course. Being animators ourselves, watching an animation still is one of the best. After Rapunzel, we headed back.

GSC Mid Valley

the movie we watched

that lady at the back is TALL!

Went to a nearby (my house) dai cao stall to eat. It is indeed a long day but a memorable one. Gobble up dinner and headed back to my place where we spent the rest of our remaining month-sary. Love you dear.