Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Valentine's Day and 6th monthsary- At Cameron Highlands

Hate me now cause what my title say is true. Yup, spent Valentine's Day with my sweetie at Cameron Highlands. Woke up like super DUPER (oh my god, geek) early to prepare and left for Cameron's. 6am man. So yea, left from her place at around 7am. There was a slight road congestion when trying to exit KL. Finally got out of the ever so busy city at around 9am. Its the FREEWAY BABY. Here comes the boring part. Drive drive drive.......more driving. Was falling asleep. Had to ask sweetie to take over for me for awhile. So she drove us all the way to the turn out to Cameron's. Here I took over. Fun part, driving in a small 1 lane road which has sharp turns to the lefts and rights. Can't see what's coming. I always got freaked out by those huge lorry 'heads' appearing from behind the blind spot areas.

Skip the boring parts. Bla...bla....bla.... Saw a huge sign saying 'Boh Tea Plantation' and Bees Farm. So I made a turn. Halfway in, got to know that the plantation closes on Mondays. ITS A MONDAY! Dammit.... So fine, continue our journey up to Cameron's. Few minutes later, ANOTHER plantation. Awesome! Did a last minute decision to turn into the parking. Here we enjoyed a pot of tea (trying to recall the has ginger in it) before going down to their plantation to look around and take some pictures.

Alright, after about half-an-hour under the bright sun looking at the scenery and taking pictures, we continued climbing to our destination. Not long into driving, we've reach Tanah Rata (one of the towns in Cameron's). This is where we stayed. Drove to the hotel 1st hoping to check in early so we can dump all our stuff and go for lunch. Drove into Century Pines Resort and parked right up front. Unfortunately, we were told check-ins start after 2pm. So, we went back out to Tanah Rata to eat lunch. Walked around for a bit, saw Starbucks here (yea, there's Starbucks here with limit 'location' edition Starbucks mugs). In the end we decided to eat at Rosedale. They serve all kinds of food here, from breakfast sets to dinner. Dear ordered pineapple fried rice served in a pineapple and i ordered Thai sauce fish rice with a cup of strawberry tea. The strawberry tea was lovely.

Ate our lunch,tummy's full, time to go check in. I booked the Standard Superior room which is actually an ideal room for couples. Quite big, huge bed,toilet with a tub. Love the bed, its so so so BIG. Its like king size but super sized. Unfortunately, the toilet didn't match up to the bed. Toilet's rather small. Sorry, forgot to take pictures of the room. Was only thinking about my sweetie and resting while cuddling her to bed. Aren't y'all just jealous? Hehehe.....

I kinda notice we didn't do much on Valentine's day except drive. But i guess the destination is all that matters. Besides, its also a monthsary, being able to celebrate the day with each other is all that counts.

So, woke up from my nap and it was already time for dinner. Damn, sounds like a lifestyle of a pig. Eat lunch, sleep, now dinner. Hahahaha.... So yea, went back to Tanah Rata. This time, we went for steamboat. The shop lady was pretty friendly and kinda talkative too. Dinner and 'entertainment', pretty good deal. Good thing she wasn't talking to us as we had a hard time finishing our food. For rm40, the portion was quite worth paying for. Finished eating at around 10pm. Then we took a short evening walk as the air was nice to take a stroll in. It got colder so we headed back to our hotel where we watched Discovery Channel till we were sleepy.

Next day, woke up for buffet breakfast. Day started so nicely. Everything was going well. Was even looking forward to bringing my sweetie to several attractions here. But it all went downhill after breakfast. I don't know if it was caused by breakfast but I had a very bloated and upset stomach. Kinda took a nap before checking out though i'd feel better when i wake up. But it didn't. It got worse. I felt pukish and i had to let it out. This was when I know I have food poisoning. But some pictures before leaving the hotel.

I didn't want to ruin the day for me or my baby. So I kinda forced everything out and we went off. Continued driving up higher into Cameron's. When to the next town, Brinchang. Here we decided to go to the Strawberry and Cactus Farm. But I had to rest for a bit cause stomach was acting up. After I was a bit ok, we went on up. For a price, we get to pick our own strawberries and so we did. Gotten ourselves half a kilo of strawberries. We went back down to our car and I had to rest again. Was overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt as my condition kinda ruined the day. Wasted so much time as I had to rest

Rested for like an hour plus. Forced myself up as everything was starting to close. Went to the Cactus Farm to walk around before we call it a day. Still feeling guilty cause dear didn't get to eat her chocolate fondue, visit the butterfly farm and the rose farm. I make a promise to myself that next time i bring her on a holiday, it'll be way much better than this one. So we called it a day after buying some cactus and flowers. Dear bought 2 pots of flowers to be placed at her home as I bought several cactus to be given as souvenirs..

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