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Digi Pimp My MUSIC Party at Velvet,Zouk KL

11 November 2010

Firstly, I personally would like to thank Nuffnang for the wonderful invites, DiGi for holding such event and Zouk KL (Velvet) for being the wonderful venue for this event.

Right, as i was saying there was an event at the Zouk KL, Velvet on the 11th of November. The Digi Pimp My Music Party. So what's this event all about? Basically, its to launch DiGi's new DiGiMusic PLAY application for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. So, a little detail about this new application (hehehe some advertising for Digi). In a nutshell, this new application is basically Malaysia's FIRST unlimited music download application. Its a whole new platform for DiGi user to have a whole new music experience

*video is not mine

So, back to the party. Who was invited? Well celebrities of course. There was Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, Marilyn Manson, Adam Lambert, the late P. Ramlee........wait wait wait hold up a second?? The late P. Ramlee??? Whoops my bad, its the ciplaks that attended the event. Still lost? Ok ok, here's how it goes, we (bloggers) attending the event are supposed to dress up as a famous music celebrity be it Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Micheal Jackson, you name it. For what? To spice up the party of course! And of course the main event of the party was Best Dressed Blogger and the winner gets an iPhone 3GS (i'll get into the details of that later, got lotsa pictures). Before that, let me tell y'all about the party highlights 1st.

Party Highlights:
- Guest arrival (door gifts, pretty sweet isn't it?)
- FOOD!!!! (What's a party without food right?)
- Getting to know the Celebs
- Launching of DiGiMusic Play application (presentation about the app and its benefits)
- Dancing Bloggers (bloggers dancing on stage)
- Twitter Q&A (Fastest 3 correct answer on twitter contest)
- Best Dressed Blogger (Winner gets an iPhone 3GS!!!)

Ok, now you have a rough idea of the party, let me jump into details. Alright so we've arrived at the party. The ushers checked our name on the guest list and and each of us were stamped (wish i could show you but its transparent, only underage guests were given the chicky stamp) on our arms as that was our ticket to get in. Right, here we were given door gifts. Pretty awesome ones too. Original music CD. I never thought coming here would get so rewarding, and it gets better later.

door gifts ^^

So we took our door gifts and head on into Velvet to join the crowd. So many different "celebrities" were spotted here. There were already quite a lot of people inside (i guess everyone was excited about it). And yes i was too. Guests were called onto stage to introduce themselves and who they represent. "Adam Lambert" was our host that night. Check out the crowd who were already there:

What a crowd right?

Now I won't talk about the food cause I did not take pictures of them. Was too hungry to bother to snap. So i'm just going to skip to the launch. The launch of DiGiMusic PLAY application on iPhone. A short and simple presentation about the application and what it does, what sorta benefits you get from it. Oh oh's the best part, you get to download unlimited music ON your iPhone for only RM5/month with this app. Can anybody spell C O O L? Pretty sweet app this is. 1st one in Malaysia too.

its true only RM 5/month *thumbs-up*

Ok what's a party without more giveaways and performances right? Know what's the best part? The performances were done by the guests. It really does spice things up, getting the guest to come to stage and do a lil bit of performing and get a free gift. See? DiGi is rewarding, everyone wins. No one is going home empty handed. So now, the 1st performance/game was that the guests have to come to stage and the DJ will play a music and they have to dance to it. Check it out:

Adam Lambert telling the rules of the game

Round 1:

dance dance dance

now freeze

hold that position

walking away with prizes

Round 2:

get dance

and freeze

my apologies to him, but he really reminds me of Hunter

Round 3:

well round 3 was rather goofy....goofing around here and there

Pretty interesting right? So much fun and that's just the warm up. Everyone's so hyped up now. So many prize to be won. They walked away with a limited edition GLEE mug. AWESOME!

limited edition GLEE mugs!

Shortly after that was the next game. It was more of a quiz kinda thing and the guest have to go to their twitter and twit (free wi-fi) to DiGi with the correct answer the fastest. There were 3 questions all together. I did not participate as I couldn't go online with my phone. Having an iPhone would be a blast at that time, if you know what i mean. =D

Adam Lambert giving out the questions

So the winners were announced shortly and called upon the stage. Before receiving their prizes, they were asked a few questions like who did you come as and stuff like that. And ON stage is Michael Buble!

yup that's what happen (click to enlarge)

Alright now, settle down every one, settle down. Are you ready for this? The main event of the night; best-dressed BLOGGER! Winner gets to walk away with an iPhone 3GS. No I don't think i've said it enough. iPhone 3GS!!! The judges had been busy the whole night going around shortlisting people. And they have made their decision absolute with 4 finalist. and they are:

*images here are not by me*

Whoops, I mean:

the real finalists

Adam Lambert, go on ahead and call them up to stage. They must be excited and nervous at this point.

Would the finalists please come to stage

here you are ladies and gentlemen, our finalists

So now, its their time. They were put under the spotlight and had to give it all they got to win this. The rules are, to do a performance that represents the music artist that they were dressed as. So they did. Elvis did his rock impersonation with his guitar. Marilyn Manson did some rock ROARS! Gaga 1 (so proud my dear got shortlisted) took the floor and danced and Gaga 2 opt to sing some Gaga songs.

Elvis took the floor and showed off his moves. Swinging with his guitar. Posing for the cameras.
Showing off his every moves and his bling bling outfit. Its a shame the DJs didn't have proper music for Elvis.

And that's how Elvis does it

Manson did what he calls 'singing'. Screaming and roaring into the mic was apparently Manson's version of singing. Too bad the DJs didn't have music the right kind of for him too.

Marilyn Manson ROCKING IT!

Gaga 1 took the dance floor and shook it. Turn it upside down and around. There was no stopping her the moment she started to dance. So into character. Made use of every single moment given by the DJs to impress the judges with her popping rocking sexy moves and flow.

Gaga with her-crowd-attracting dance moves (the crowd went wild)

*credits to PoppinJosh on Youtube

Gaga 2's turn to impress. Took the floor by singing. Sang 'Bad Romance' and 'Just Dance" while doing some simple dance moves.

Gaga 2 and her singing

After their enthusiastic performance, the finalist remained on stage while the judges decides a winner and the bloggers took this opportunity to take pictures with them. I took my chance too of course. Its like a photoshoot with your favorite celebrities. Except they aren't REALLY the real celebrities but oh what the heck, always nice to take pictures with fully dressed people:

the finalists goofing around

me in the middle (lucky me,sorry guys =P)

the proper finalists photo shoot

my dear Simone posing with the other finalists

So they tried their best. Now to announce the winner. But wait...the judges still couldn't decide who was the best. So they shortlisted again. Now its down to Gaga 1 and Manson.

Adam Lambert about to announce the winner

No just kidding

after told there'd be round 2

get ready

Oh, it gets really intense now. The crowd is going crazy. What's gonna happen next? Round 2, it'll be a dance showdown. The music will play and the finalists will dance. The person with the most cheers from the crowd wins.

that's how it went, the whole showdown (pretty intense)

after all that, now its down to the audience to cheer for the winner

The music stopped. Its seems Gaga 1 totally outshone Manson in this showdown. The floor was hot with Gaga under the spotlights. But the crowd has not decided yet. Now to decide the winner, and the crowd LOVED Gaga. She won with the crowd cheering phenomenally loud for her. I guess Manson, you got served. The crowd settled down and time to give away this wonderful prize. And here goes, all the photographers flashing away as if the real Gaga was there. Now that's what i call a celebrity moment.

Don't Adam Lambert's face say he wants it badly?

My darling Simone being announced as winner

prize giving to the grand winner

prize giving, winner and the for the camera =D

So the main event is now over, gifts have been given out and prizes have been won. To those who didn't get their prize, I hope you don't go home with a sad face. You had a great time and bring that feeling home with you. Before the end of everything, there was a group photography session. Well being a photographer, i can only shoot but not be in it. Oh well.

there we go, group photo. Everyone's so happy =D

With that, marks the end of this wonderful event. I hope everyone enjoyed it cause I did. Some left right after while others stayed to take more pictures. A few stayed on in Zouk to club (they've been stamp = FREE ENTRANCE *sweet*). Well, I didn't leave right after. Took pictures here and there. Also took this opportunity to take pictures with the winner of the night, my dear aka Lady Gaga.

winner of the night ^^

the crowd, leaving right after the end

DiGi booth promoting iPhone 4 with the new DiGiMusic PLAY app

iPhone 4, oh i so want to put my hands on it

I went home with the winner, made me feel like a winner myself. Thank you DiGi again for the launching event, Nuffnang for the wonderful invites and Zouk KL for being the venue. Later on, took pictures of dear (still in her Gaga dress up) with her new toy. And of course I would wanna take pictures of the un-boxed prize:

Apple brand

iPhone 3GS

the whole set, gratz dear =)

Can't help it, asked dear to pose in her Gaga get up. She was my model of the night so here are some pictures. =)

thanks sweetie for being willing to pose for me =)

"She was happy that night. Said she never thought she get to win it.,thought the other might have won instead. Enjoyed the night and the event and the crowd. Was a great experience all together. She also said that she looks forward to more events from Nuffnang."

Me and my Simone dear

I can't say this enough. Again i want to thank Nuffnang, DiGi and Zouk KL for this great event. Not forgetting the heart of the party too: Lotsa love and lotsa thanks to the DJs who spin for the event that night.

The DJs responsible for the beat of the night

There's one more highlight about this whole event and that is of course the give away of the 2nd iPhone 3GS for best post-event blog. My turn to win. LOL. Why I only mention it at the very last of my post? Cause it will only benefit those who pay attention and read this all the way to the end. So what exactly is the criteria to stand a chance to win this 2nd iPhone? 1st, attend the party (checked) 2nd, write a post-event about the party (checked). So I guess i've met them both criteria, now for DiGi to reward me. =D And YES I WANT THAT IPHONE!!!!

*some images in here without my trade mark are not taken by me and proper credit should go to the real owner.

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