Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Start (GRADUATION!!!!!)

7th November 2010,

7th November, big day, big event. It was the day that marked the completion of tertiary level education for students batch 75 & 78 from The One Academy of Communication Design. A day where student where robes like those witch and wizard of Hogwards in Harry Potter. A day where we, the students, steal every possible spot light there is. This is the day, this is it; graduation. Finally, I have completed my 3 over years at this college studying Digital Animation as my major.

To many this is the end of something and to some, its the start of something new. For myself, I have mixed feelings towards this major day. A sense of completion, a sense of freshness, stepping into a new phase in life. Personally, I have so many mixed feelings, I didn't really know how to feel.

Our graduation was held at the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Grand Lagoon Ballroom. Event starts at 2pm, registration for graduates. During this time, I saw my fellow classmates and college mates from other majors start to arrive, some alone and some with their families. After registration, all went to collect the robes. Every major had different colored robes. My major wore purple. There were other majors like Multimedia Design, Advertising & Graphic Design, Interior Design and Illustration with their colored robes dark blue, light blue, red and yellow respectively. Many was worried for their family has not arrived yet. Many were nervous. I kept looking out for my own family myself. While doing that, I took some pictures at the corridor of the ballroom where everyone waited.

near the photography booth

the whole booth area

dear and lei yee (showdown) on the left
dear's portrait shots set on the right

more shots of my darling Simone

the sitting map

me playing with my dslr Simone dear playing with hers

rush rush rush to get robes

grads and family standing outside the hall

my darling...hehehe...sorry can't help it, i see her pretty face i just had to snap

when other are nervous.....

......Shaun's just plain goofy

After my family arrived, took some picture with them. Also, big thanks to my sis who taught me the proper way to wear the robe. She would know as she's a graduate herself. Here are the pictures I took with my family:

me me me

me and family

me and my mum me and my dad

me and my 2nd sis me and my eldest sis

and more pictures

the stage

me and my sweetie =)

the hall and the tables

Alright alright, done camwhoring with family. It was 4pm, time for graduates to line up and get ready to enter the hall. Here, i took more pictures with friends and group members.

camwhore with Simone darling ^^

Amir Calvin

Wen San Shaun
camwhore with Spannar Production (my group members)

Mimi Emma

Shereendar Marianne

Simone love =D
camwhore with Bus Squeeze (dear's group and members)

Amir and his dad....awwww so sweet

After all that, we march our way into the hall where we waited at the side of the stage, all 200 of us. We sat there as the Head from the Principal's office gave his speech. Then the Head of department for each major will call upon their students to come up to the stage and take the graduation scroll from our Principal, Mr. Tatsun Hoi. Was rather nervous when it was almost my turn to accept my own scroll. After all the scrolls were given out to all the graduates, more scrolls were given out to lecturers who got their masters.

taken by my dad while waiting for us to come in

the door where we marched in from

march march march

where we were asked to be sitted

that's me

that's Simone

and done....

Now for the whole group to line up for a group photography along with the lecturers and the principal. All of us pancake into the small stage.

forgive me, most pictures with me in it taken by my dad a lil bit shaky hand so yea =P

And so right after that, we went around taking more pictures with our robes on. Groups photos, photos on the stage, photos outside, everywhere.

Us with our robes on stage

Group picture!!!

My mum and dad

Then finally, the ceremony is over. Time to return the robe and eat dinner. At this point, i was starving. We were given an 8 course meal. Sorry no pictures, too hungry to stop and snap pictures of the food. Then later after that, we did not go straight home. Took more pictures before leaving. Had to use up this time to snap more, once in a lifetime thing. Our parents went back as we went to a nearby Mexican restaurant to eat some tacos and nachos before calling it a night.

took a picture with my darling right after dinner

other people taking their own pictures....

.....and more

picture with the stage back drop

one more photo for the camera with my darling: Muaks!

at the Mexican restaurant right after...

And there you have it, after all that we all went home with a feeling of accomplishment, complete and satisfied. =D

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