Saturday, November 6, 2010

New computer, new start, new life

Hi y'all out there (be it blogger, slacker, stalker or what ever that's about the same). Name's Vincent Lim (click to go to my facebook or you just reach me HERE at twitter). People usually call me Vince (bunch of lazy people). But anyway, just wanna make this my 1st post. Made many blogs in the past but non could stick to me. I just hope that this time it does (with some proper motivation of course). Well like my title says: new computer, new start, new life.

Lets start with the computer shall we?

Well for starters, i would 1stly like to show my old rig which i got myself 3 years ago. It kinda looks something like this:

My 15" small monitor T_T

Inside rig : Core 2 Duo (stock cpu fan), 3Gb ram, geforce no-sure-what, running on windows xp OS

Front view of my old, small casing...

Went from that, took an upgrade to this (yea this is my new baby, dun worry dear u're still no.1):

My new monitor : 20" LG LCD

2 monitors set up side by side oh yea!

The front top panel of my new casing : LED on/off switch, power switch and reset button

Front audio/usb panel

Top of the casing equipped with a big casing fan ^^

Side view of my casing, just recently added another fan (sorry no pic)

Front bottom of my casing with the LCD switch turned on (sweet isn't it?)

Overall look of the front view and and and and......

The complete view of my entire casing : Cooler Master HAF 922

Love this new casing. Equipped with 3 big fans (front, top and back) its incredibly silent and very cool. With an overall temp of 40 degree Celsius at idle, i'm already loving the number especially with a hot room like mine (no air con). Add 1 more fan, still silent and cooler now. Planing to add more fans in the future. Now lets go into the details and the heart that makes this body a beauty.

Running at a lil bit more than 2000rpm this cooler does a great job in keeping things cool with its new heat pipe technology. This is for the people who are looking for silent, cool and a thing of beauty. If not then just go with the default AMD cooler and max it at 7000 over rpm (makes quite alot of noise)

4 sets of RAM 2Gb each on ASUS M4A89GTD PRO (mainboard)

Took this graphics card ATI Radeon 5850 HD. It is good enough for me as I don't really stress the comp for graphics.

The side interior panel for storage and dvd rom is quite neat. Spring action and flexible locking, there's no need to look for a tool to help install new hardware.

All in all, i love my new rig. Though i haven't got time to fully set it up yet but i've put in the basic stuff like install Windows 7 64-bit and install drivers and design softwares, essentials stuffs for me to work with. Haven't tried games on it yet though except for Left 4 Dead 2 on full graphic with all the zombies swarming over, not a single glitch or spike ^^

Alright enough with the new computer. Now i'd talk more about my new start but that'll be on my next post (loaded with pictures). Here's a hint : Graduation. So, i'll stop here for now. Be back when im back.......

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