Saturday, December 25, 2010


25th December,

Its the season to be jolly....ho ho ho.... MERRY CHRISTMAS! How is everyone's Christmas day going so far? Hope y'all got lotsa presents, lotsa love, lotsa cookies and lotsa hugs. Well for me, i got lotsa love and lotsa hugs ^^. Presents and cookies are just optional. Getting to spend time with important people in your life is the best gift yet. Got to spend time with my best friends yesterday from dinner all the way to midnight (Christmas). Sorry to my baby who sacrificed her family dinner to follow me. Really appreciate what you did for me and I LOVE YOU dear.

So today, its Christmas day. What's my plans? Hmmmm....... I don't know.... HAHAHAHAHA..... Just gonna spend the rest of the remaining Christmas hours with my dear I guess. I won't ask for anything more. Maybe go out later for dinner.....(darn it, out of cash)... have to visit Mr ATM i guess.

But yea, I guess that's how i'm celebrating my Christmas this year. Hope y'all have a great 1 too. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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