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MyCATs - Malaysia International Cat Show 2010 (day 2)

5th December, Sunday

Sorry for the delay on day 2. Got caught up in a lot of things like other events and stuff. So im'ma give you a short brief post. So yea, now i bring you day 2 of the Malaysian International Cat Show 2010. So, same old same old as day 1 - work up, ate lunch, 'fly' to Putrajaya and got ready for our voluntary work at PAWS booth.

So got there at around an hour pass noon. Placed our bags and stuff and went inside to take a sneak peek on what's happening for the day. Not much going on at 1st so we went back to our booth to lend a hand. Today we stayed at the booth more than going inside to watch the show as it was about the same as the day before (only different judges). And so, we stayed at our booth trying to get people to adopt the cats from PAWS. After a long day, all the cats were adopted except 1. Yes, the poor persian did not get adopted. And cause it was the last day, everyone decided to close early. So what happened at the booth?

simply log on to reach PAWS

trying to get her to adopt

she grew fond of it

volunteers taking a break

stuffs sold for fund raising

preparing the cat to be taken to its new home =D


look at the crowd...

the many people who comes to see the cats up for adoption

many was fond of the persian

i mean look at it

even the kid loves it (but it never left the cage)

the calico for adoption (hope its in a better home now)

beautiful isn't she?

simply gorgeous

another beautiful cat which got adopted


both of them, beautiful ^^

dear posing with the rest of the volunteer

and ME with the volunteers

Thus, closing early gave us the opportunity to watch the remaining of the cat show. Took some pictures of cats I did not see the day before:


sleepy show cats

Shaun, the giant

with massive amount of ribbons

ribbons by other cats

more ribbons

Shaun look so shy here

and more ribbons....

the show cats resting area

Well, basically, its all about judging and judging and wait for the best of the best cat program to start. The cats were the same ones from yesterday. So yea i snap snap and snap away. Enjoy the Judging pictures:

look at it stretch

winning cats of the ring and their owner

if the cat knows how to smile, it be that wide



more persians....

giant HAMSTERS....i mean persians

doesn't he remind you of the colonel?

sorting out the ribbons

some of the judging guidelines

flat face

more blank expression from the persian


is that a fluffy pillow?

giant hamster again? O_o

There was a bit of a drama. When the judge, Pam, tried to put Shaun the Maine Coon back into the cage, it took a jump into the cage thus its hind leg gave out a hard thrust onto Pam's arms. Its claws found its way into her skin resulting to an open wound.


the mighty...

the tall...

the furious...

the strong....

OUCH....the claws....

medics attending to Pam

she's OK!

And the judging continues:

what? =.=

so the judging must go on

due to her injuries, Jimmy had to be the cat handler of this ring

don't they look lovely

yes, NO flashes allowed!


watcha staring at punk?

what that? grrrrr

oh the bobtail....kept meowing for mummy

this I like....

it looks to CUTE!!!!

my girlfriend recon she'd buy this

to use it on me to get stuff for her.... =.=''

the Siamese cats..


the lady who love BLACK cats


my decisions are absolute and final


so intense

just to sign on the ribbon

Oh this judges, Walter Hutzler, I totally love his expressions. Funny guy too:

talks about cats and....

posed for my camera...hahahahah....

more about cats

some crazy expression

ladies and gentlemen, Walter Hutzler

The long awaited best of the best competition starts here:

Walter talked more about cat...this time on stage

Pam calls upon the judges, Walter, Gary and Diana

Pam explains the criteria as they judged


the proud owner

group photo!

2nd best cat

3rd best

4th best....him again

5th best

here you go, the winner

winner being interrogated....interviewed

most points cat and kitten

That's a wrap. Everything done. Competition over. People packing and leaving. And well, we had a chance to be part of the 'winners' too.

dear with the big winner's ribbon

feel like a winner

hey hey....i got a chance to win too

And there you have it, i'm sure my pictures told the story of the event. Hope I could attend more of events like these in the near future. And I hope the Malaysian International Cat Show will move on to be a bigger event in the future.

After the whole event, went to Fatty Crabs for dinner with dear and her family ^^

Vince signing out.

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