Monday, February 7, 2011

Carmen's Farewell & Birthday

1st February,

What day is it? Carmen's birthday eve. Was invited to celebrate dear's best friend's birthday on this day. Was also meant to be a farewell kinda thing cause she's leaving for China to further studies. So, went over to dear's house and got ready. And went out to pick her at around 7pm.

So we went to a restaurant called Indulge at Kuchai Lama. Most of the birthday girl's family member was already there. So we took our sits, made some orders and chit chat till the food comes:


mushroom soup

garlic bread

ceasar salad


carbonara spaghetti

forest salad

baked salmon

lamb shank

cake time


cut & serve

group photo!

here, eat some more

And there you have it, group of close friends celebrating birthday and farewell.

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