Monday, February 7, 2011

Simone's 22nd Birthday - Fullhouse, Sunway

7 February 2011,

Today, we celebrate my dear's 22nd birthday (in advance). Well, dinner was at 7pm but i went to Sunway Pyramid to buy her a present, something she really really wanted. Ran all over but can't find a stall which has stock. Was afraid I couldn't buy it. I was starting to label this item 'RARE'. After about an hour of running around, I finally found a shop which sell. I'm still not telling what it is yet cause its not her birthday yet and I don't want her to open it till then. So I had it wrapped and rushed over to the restaurant, Fullhouse. Past the present to her, took some pictures of her and the restaurants:

the girl of the day ^^

Fullhouse interior near where we sat

A pic with Tracy

the 'Grandfather' clock

so sweet posing with the curtains

pic with Thomas =D

near the kitchen area, cool right?

happy face, holding my present ^^

deep in thought reading the menu

everyone's here, finally

hmm....what to eat?

There was like a mini apparel section at the back where you can try and buy clothes. Checked the place out and went back to our sits. So we settled down waited for everyone to arrive and ordered.And thus, food's here:

iced tea

dear enjoying her clam chowder

THE clam chowder

Chicken Chop

not quite sure what this is @_@

Vanilla shake with kiwi

Vanilla shake with dragon fruit

Chocolate shake

lame i mean Lamb Chop

Lamb Shank

Curry Laksa Noodle

Chicken Wing & dip

Mashed Potatoed

After that, more photo session for her and her family. Took several group photos, individual photos, goofy photos, candids:

dear eating her Shank

*gulp gulp gulp*

story telling with a lot of hand gestures

Janice (dear's cousin) and family

uncle acting cute with along with the stuffed toy dog

dear and family

Yow Tzen (dear's brother) another one acting cute with the toy dog

I are giant

Im'ma crush this booth

love you dear

trying to inflict thousand years of pain towards Tracy

dear's mum and aunt and Tracy =D

Yow Tzen squeezing the nose of the Prosperity God

mother daughter potrait

some pictures are worth taking twice

the 'young' people

more mother daughter shots

I wonder why they named it 'fullhouse'?

rose soup?

Later on, dear went to try some clothes on at the apparel section. And at the end of it, she had her eyes on one of the dresses there. And yes, she bought that dress:

diva look

look like sweet diva - 'innocent' type

dear said she can become Paris Hilton's BFF too....


stunning red comes with a stunning pose

tea anyone?

love this on her, and yes, she bought this one

don't she look gorgeous? glad to be the photographer =D

another stunning diva look

something more casual perhaps?

this 1 looks so paso @_@

a whole near different look with the short skirt

I quite liked looking at her wear this dress, so sweet. Too bad she didn't buy this 1.

same as the red one earlier. but she chose the red over this in the end

Time to go. Paid and right before leaving, a short photo session with the family:


  1. Its always cham 2 be photographer, cause u won't be in the pics~! XD But the best is have a pro photographer 2 take it, cause I'll love the great pics =P TQ Vince~