Saturday, February 19, 2011

cars Cars CARS! I want them CARS!

Just a short post. Wanna talk about the number of cars i've driven so far. Will update as soon as I get a chance to drive a different car. But as for now, i'll just put this few onto my list.

Suzuki Alto FX 800 (Manual Transmission) - kinda like my 1st car, still driving it.

Proton Wira (Auto and Manual Transmission)

Proton Satria (Manual Transmission)

Mitsubishi Space Wagon (Auto Transmission)

Proton Saga (Auto Transmission)

Kia Sportage (Auto Transmission)

Perodua MyVi (Auto Transmission)

Proton Savvy (Manual and Semi-Auto Transmission)

Perodua ViVa (Auto Transmission)

So far this is all the cars i've driven before. Don't get me wrong, not all the cars are mine. In fact, none is mine. I haven't gotten a car registered under my name yet. But soon i hope.

Cars which i look forward to driving:

-Mazda Rx-8
-Any mini copper
-Any BMW
-Volkswagen Golf GTi
-Honda Civic Si
-Nissan Skyline
-Nissan Fairlady
-Porsche 911
-Mitsubishi Evo
-Bugatti Veyron (i wish)
-Pagani Zonda (i wish too)
-Chevrolet Chevelle
-1965 Ford Thunderbird

I notice I did not mention any local cars. Whoops...

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