Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve - Reunion DInner

2nd February 2011

the lantern deco i spent whole day doing =.=

Right so its Chinese New Year's Eve. What's installed? Reunion dinner of course. Every year we would have a reunion dinner for the extended family. But this year was only my family and my aunts along with my granpa.

don't ask me why, just felt like taking those pictures

Didn't do much today. Took the whole day to make a lantern deco using ang pows. Did that all the way to dinner and after. Basically the highlight of the day is just dinner so i'll show you what I had:

tau foo with glass noodles



main dish for Chinese New Year : Yee Sang

that's everything we ate =D

happy 'lou' ing

while -lou- ing, we would say our wishes/prayer for the year

and you have me goofing around while the rest continues 'lou' ing

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